sateliteFleet Management System

PowerPRO is a comprehensive fully fledged fleet management system that focuses on driver and vehicle behaviour equipping the fleet manager with relevant information to manage operation costs.

fleetrunner2PowerPRO offers:

1. Current GPS position live
2. Information replay
3. Zoning of vehicle. (no go areas)
4. Last known position
5. Odometer
6. Vehicle speed and exceptions
7. Harsh braking events
8. Idle duration and exception
9. RPM analysis
10. Driver identification
11. Crash analysis
12. Fuel monotoring options
13. Power supply monotoring
14. A range of detailed fleet reports
15. Back up battery of 48 hours
16. GSM/GPRS functionality
17. Web interface
18. Extensive passive report functionality
19. 8 Digital inputs / 2 Digital outputs