lubriGUARD provides extended lubrication and cooling on shutdown
to safeguard the turbocharger from the major causes of premature failure,
providing savings from reduced down time as a result


At engine shutdown, engine oil flow to the turbocharger stops. The turbocharger, however, is still spinning, the bearing oil film could overheat due to the residual high temperature of the turbocharger casing, resulting in lubrication breakdown and the formation of carbon, blocking oil passages.

• How can lubriGUARD help?
lubriGUARD extends the time that oil flows through the turbocharger after engine shutdown. A reservoir entraps engine oil during normal engine operation and on shutdown, diverts this stored oil through the turbocharger. This provides lubrication to the turbocharger bearings during the shutdown period, lubricating and cooling these critical parts.

• System is designed to give oil supply priority to the turbocharger on engine start up.

• Oil reservoir contains a piston that separates the two chambers. The upper chamber is pre charged with air.

• This accumulator type system ensures a total discharge of all stored oil into the turbocharger on every shutdown cycle.

• Reservoir is supplied in two sizes making it possible to match to engine and oil volume in the sump.

• Additional reservoirs can be added in parallel to increase stored volume of oil on large engines.

• Easy to install, bolt on kits with fitting instructions for all popular engines are generally available.