that effectively reduces vehicle running costs
while ensuring road safety for all

• The GPS Speed Limiter controls the specified speed of your vehicle while recording all trips in detail.

• Pre warning buzzer alerts the driver when approaching

• Reduces fuel consumption.

• Extended mechanical and tyre life, no harmful effects on vehicle.

• Assist in reducing speed related road accidents and driver abuse of vehicles.

• Split second response time.

• Suitable for all types of vehicles.

• Tampering with unit will result in vehicle engine speed reduced to idling.

• Settings for the set speed and vehicle details are programmed on laptop or pc & are transferred via USB flash disk to the speed management unit. Speed limiting operation is smooth and allows for stabilised speed.

• The GPS data is processed and stored in a nonerasablememory.

• Reports include:
– Vehicle position and speed
– Exception reports for over speeding
– Vehicle information
– Trip display on google maps

• Trip reports can be downloaded from the speed management unit and analized on your laptop or pc
– In table form (Excel Format)
– On a graph with playback function
– On exception report
– On google maps

• Accident analysis can be done by viewing the exact speed & position on Google maps.

• Uses GPS data for more accurate speed and trip information.

• Fireproof housing ensures that data can be recovered after an accident & assist in identifying the cause.

• Unauthorised personnel cannot adjust the settings.The system caters for both new and old generation engines.