•An air cleaner operating in extremely dusty conditions often requires additional maintenance to function satisfactorily.
cleanAIR is an essential tool for engines in dusty environments.
•A blocked or partially blocked air cleaner element will cause a lack of power resulting in black exhaust emissions.
• The system will give a 15second visual warning prior to bringing the engine to rest.
• Increased fuel consumption.
• Visual warning will remain active until reset by a responsible person.
•Should the filter collapse dust ingress will result in premature engine wear.
• The engine cannot be re-started until cleanAIR processor is reset.
• The cleanAIR System, used in conjunction with proSAFE Engine Protection, will enhance the integrity of all engines
• A sealed vacuum switch discourages any tampering of the system.• A relatively inexpensive system that can save major costs as a result of premature wear and failures.