mineSAFE for fiery mines

lubriVENT ENGINE PROTECTION SYSTEM has long been the trusted system for underground mining machines. It is a simple two valve system, three if transmission is included in its scope of protection. All components used in the system are of the highest quality and have been selected for their ability to withstand the adverse conditions experienced in underground mining.

A recent enhancement of the lubriVENT Engine Protection System has seen the introduction of mineSAFE for Fiery Mines. This was developed to meet all the safety requirements relating to operating a diesel engine in an underground application


The tried and tested mechanical heat sensing valve has been retained. Its ability to sense engine temperature in the absence of coolant is vital to the integrity of the engine.


An engine shut down cylinder attached to the injector pump has been incorporated in the system to initiate a fast, accurate, repeatable shut down of the engine in the event of an unsafe condition occurring.


The fuel valve has also been retained and becomes the second line of defence. It is the central distribution for the engine oil that drives the system. The fuel valve and the distribution manifold are encased in a lockable steel enclosure effectively preventing unwanted tampering of the system.


Engine starting has been greatly improved with the addition of a start button that, when depressed, pre charges the entire safety system using oil from an accumulator positioning valves and cylinders in the engine run position ensuring a rapid engine start. The accumulator is an integral component of the mineSAFE system and is recharged on every engine start up.


The mineSAFE system has been configured to test the function every time the engine is shut down at the end of a work cycle. When the stop button is depressed it simulates an unsafe engine or scrubber tank condition causing the engine to come to rest.


Additional features have been incorporated to enhance the all round performance of the mineSAFE system. These include an improved thermal valve specifically designed for engine oil, high temperature hose that is fire resistant. All materials used are compatible with the inclement conditions found in fiery mines.

This critical safety system is often neglected and abused resulting in an inoperative component. The end result could be a very dangerous situation. The mineSAFE system for fiery mines has been developed for ease of use and to encompass all the required safety features.