busSAFE+ provides protection against premature engine failures caused by over heating, general loss of engine oil pressure and coolant.

• The busSAFE+ system employs anti-tamper circuitry and is calibrated by an external programmer, thus hampering any attempts by unqualified personnel to disconnect or render the system inoperative, affording the user optimum protection.

• Enhanced oil pressure monitoring throughout the engine’s operation.

• Manages all speed violations via the vehicle’s computer enhancing passenger and vehicle safety.

• Simultaneously and independently manages engine and vehicle speed.

• Excessive idling cannot be reset by blipping the accelerator. BusSAFE+ needs to sense vehicle motion.

• Engine and speed setting are infinitely variable. Can be calibrated to client’s requirements

• System self checks on initiation of engine start for tampering on critical circuits, prohibiting engine start-up if tampering detected.

• Audio warning to alert the driver of a pending engine malfunction or speed violation.

• System constantly monitors all sensor inputs. Should an abnormal condition occur that exceeds 5 seconds an audio visual alarm will be activated to alert the driver.

• In the event of an engine abnormal condition occurring, the vehicle’s computer will be instructed to reduce engine speed and bring the engine to rest after the vehicle is stationary.

• Starter operation inhibitor activated when engine is stopped as a result of an over heat. This prevents damage due to excessive engine cranking.

• Harness is produced in one colour wire improving the system integrity.

• Hazard lights can be activated simultaneously with driver warning further enhancing safety for all.

• Memory recall for last event greatly assists the technician attending to the breakdown to quickly and efficiently identify the cause of the shutdown.

• The system can be over-ridden by an authorised person for one trip only provided it is considered safe to do so.

• The system memory can be downloaded to a laptop by an authorized person. This information is valuable when investigating a recurring problem.

• If the busSAFE+ processor is removed and standard cut circuit is bridged, the system will activate the back-up engine control and induce limp mode.