Fully mechanical engine protection and shutdown system, designed to monitor cylinder head metal temperature and engine oil pressure, incorporating a sealed fuel line valve with no fuel restriction, a metal temperature heat sensor, and a built-in test facility. This system is easy to install and maintain.


Proactive engine protection through mechanical measurement and precise electronic shutdown, particularly suited to rotary pump type fuel systems and vehicles fitted with an OBC fuel management system. This unique electro-mechanical system monitors oil pressure and engine temperature, incorporates a unique mechanical heat valve that will react to metal temperature in the event of coolant loss, and has built-in timers that assist start-up procedures. It is an affordable and easy to fit system that is understood by all.



Basic electronic engine protection that monitors cylinder head metal temperature and engine oil pressure. This is the base line unit that will shutdown the motor in the event of an engine overheat or a general loss of engine oil pressure.


Monitors cylinder head metal temperature, engine oil pressure and coolant level. This unit is supplied with a display which provides information to the driver operator via LED lights and audio warning once the system is activated. Last event is available via the display memory recall button which remains active until reset by a key. This feature assists with quick fault finding and rectification. The fleetVMSII stores a history of events which can be downloaded by an authorised agent providing useful information on exception recorded warnings and shutdowns.


fleetSAFE+ and busSAFE+

Fully electronic protection system with rev. speed and idle limiting built-in. It is programmable to client requirements. Apart from its ability to monitor cylinder head metal temperature and engine oil pressure, both at low and high pressure, the system can also monitor coolant level. In reacting to an abnormal engine condition, the system induces limp mode prior to shutdown via an accelerator pedal interface, and when speed is zero, the engine is shutdown, all in the interests of safety.



Fully electronic protection system in a waterproof enclosure, designed for mining and construction conditions, that can have the last event reset externally, with dual oil pressure, engine metal temperature, and includes provision for transmission or hydraulic temperature monitoring. The system can also monitor coolant level. The system has a download facility, allowing an authorised agent to view and present from the memory a history of events which is extremely useful in diagnosing any abnormal conditions that have occurred.



This product has been designed to comply with the safety requirements pertaining to diesel engines operating in fiery mines. This system monitors engine oil pressure, engine temperature and other safety parameters continuously during work cycle. It will bring the engine to rest in the quickest time possible, ensuring optimum safety should an abnormal condition occur within the engine or exhaust system.



This product is an essential tool for engines in dusty environment. It is an air intake protection system that will give a 15 sec visual warning prior to bringing the engine to rest when it detects a blocked or partially blocked air filter element. A relatively inexpensive system that can save major costs resulting from air flow restrictions.



Simple accumulator based turbocharger lubrication system designed to extend the service life of a turbocharger, it provides extended lubrication and cooling to the turbocharger after shutdown of the motor. The lubriGUARD system keeps the oil supply pipe to the turbocharger full of oil. On start up oil is thus available to the turbocharger almost immediately, further reducing premature wear.



Rev, Speed & Idle Limiter monitors and controls extreme idle periods, over-speeding and engine revs, reducing premature engine wear and operational expenses, with the resultant improved vehicle safety. A digital system that is easily calibrated and offers control against vehicle abuse, reduction in speeding fines, reduced engine wear and tear, and substantial fuel saving. Unlike analogue systems, it is only resettable with a programming unit. Systems are calibrated to individual customer requirements. Drivers are alerted via an audio alarm of a pending violation.



Basic engine speed management system that prevent the over-revving of PTO pumps. The system becomes operational when the PTO is engaged resulting in the accelerator pedal becoming isolated. Engine speed will remain constant despite varying workloads and speed setting cannot be changed by unauthorised personnel.



The system controls the specified speed of the vehicle while recording all trips in detail. Assist in reducing speed related road accidents and driver abuse of vehicles. The GPS data is processed and stored in a non-erasable memory. Trip reports indicate vehicle position and speed on google maps and can be downloaded from the unit.



Comprehensive fully-fledged management system that focuses on driver and vehicle behavior, equipping the fleet manager with relevant information to manage operation costs. This system offers live current GPS positioning, information replay, zoning of vehicles (no-go areas), last known position, vehicle speed and
exceptions, harsh braking event, idle duration and exception. powerPRO also comes with a 48 hour back-up battery, GSM/GPRS functionality, web interface, 8 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs, and extensive report functional itv.



Utilizing all the features of the power PRO we have added fuel tracking. By installing fuel probes into the fuel tank or tanks the fuel consumption is constantly monitored.