About Us

Established on March 3rd 1973, the years have seen Power Protect (Pty) Ltd grow from a one man, one car operation, to a highly successful company specializing in engine protection, driver and vehicle management solutions.

Initially offering an imported American system, breaking into a market covered by a good competitive product taxed us to the extreme.   Following, at all costs, a company policy of giving the best possible customer care, after-sales service and support saw the company making slow positive inroads into the chosen market.

In 1993 Power Protect introduced a new internally developed product, the lubriVENT Engine Protection System.

This product was developed in-house and tested extensively in conjunction with large trucking fleets as well as on dynamometers of one of South Africa’s largest engine builders to meet the requirements and needs of the Southern African engine user.

The engine protection side has since developed into a range of mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic engine protection systems that can be matched to old and to the ever-growing range of new generation computer managed engines.

With the lifting of sanctions this was the start of a range of sophisticated engines being imported and marketed locally, ongoing development has seen an improvement in performance and the resultant reduction in exhaust emissions on these engines.

Power Protect has been developing a range of products that are compatible with this newer technology.  Apart from engine protection, the latest products incorporate provision for managing excessive engine idle and over speed resulting in lower operating costs and down time.  Safety of the driver, passengers, and other road users was considered, thus ensuring a balanced product that meets the demands of the modern vehicle operator.

A class leading accumulator based extended lubrication system was added to the product range.  The system provides lubricating and cooling oil to the turbocharger after the engine has been brought to rest.  It has been designed to be compatible with the majority of turbochargers found in the commercial workplace.

In 2004 Power Protect became actively involved in the Fleet Management arena with products that offer powerful information on vehicle and driver movements and behavior.

A service operation that now covers the Southern African region through a Dealer Network with dedicated, skilled technicians available to support and assist clients 24 hours a day with products that are suitable for various industries has allowed Power Protect to claim to be a leader in the engine protection and fleet management arenas.

Ongoing research into opportunities within the market place for new products that will aid and assist end users to reduce operating costs is always at the forefront of Power Protect’s dedicated commitment to its clients.